As most of you know or may not know, SEO is a constantly changing thing.

As I write this, algorithms are probably being changed to provide searchers with better results. The SEO strategies that we are implementing today may not be the same ones that we are implementing next year. But for now, what are some of the search engine optimization strategies that are working?

Social Signals

I know, I know. You’re tired of hearing that you need to participate in social media, but it’s entirely true. There are several studies out there that have proven that social signals do affect search rankings in some way.

Now, I’m not talking about just setting up a twitter account and attaching an RSS feed to it. I’m talking about real engagement and social media participation. You need to start developing some sort of social media strategy to engage your fans and to get them to share your content. If you want to look and rank like an authority site, then you’re going to need social signals … there’s no doubt about it.

Focus Less on Keywords and More on Shareability

A lot of people think they need to rank #1 for a keyword to have a successful site and that’s far from the truth. Honestly, I think people put too much time into looking up keywords and not enough time publishing content that matters. Instead of focusing on content packed full of keywords, focus on content that users want to share. While Google will bring you some traffic for ranking for a keyword, it’s the people sharing your content that will bring you the most traffic. Not to mention, increased rankings will come naturally as more people share your content.

Build a Reputation instead of Links

A lot of people love to focus on building links and just that. Funny thing is that many people fail to realize that the value given to links has dropped significantly over the years. There’s no doubt that links do help you rank, but you need to build a reputation as well. It’s quite obvious that Google is moving more towards a reputation type ranking system with things like Authorship, in-depth articles, and publisher rank.

Really though, stop focusing all your time building links. Focus most of your time towards building a good reputation through social media, authorship and content. Google is more likely to put a reputable source up top instead of a post from an unidentified source/author; It’s as simple as that.


I know some of the things that I’ve said above disagree with the SEO knowledge you have learned over the years, but you must remember that SEO is a constantly evolving thing. Right now Google is focusing on people’s reputation and the amount of engagement they get; not the amount of links that they have. Don’t worry about building a ton of links or finding the perfect keyword. Basically, focus on building a strong reputation around your site and the rankings will come naturally.

  • FlammyX3

    Seem like really nice SEO tips for the year of 2014. The year has almost been coming to an end, around 5 months left! I agree that building a reputation can help more than links / backlinks.