Mobile devices such as the Motorola Droid, iPhone, iPad and others are becoming increasingly popular for web browsing. Now, more than ever it is important to have a mobile friendly site if you want to reach the entire web browsing demographic. There are two ways to go about this. You can make your current site mobile-friendly, or better yet you can make a separate mobile version of your site. Today we are going to talk about the later option.

•Make the mobile version of your site easily accessible.

When a mobile user arrives at your site they should instantly arrive at the mobile version of your site. Ideally you should have a script detect if they are on a mobile device and direct them to the mobile site. Bonus points if your site can be accessed at and

Size with relative units.

Since you don’t know exactly what devices and settings are being used to view your website, you should size everything with relative units such as percentages and ems.

•Prioritize information. Don’t overload your visitors.

Not everyone is on 3G all the time. Keep your site simple so that people with a slow connection will be able to easily use your site. Don’t use unnecessary images and videos. Make sure people can get to the content they are looking for in one to two clicks.

•Validate and make sure your site works on all mobile devices.

Your mobile site may not look exactly the same on every device, but make sure it displays smoothly on all devices. Test out the site on a few devices. Borrow from a friend when needed. Then, validate your site.

•Make Navigation quick and simple.

If you have 20 categories with only a few posts, consider combining them. The less navigation links you use, the better, but don’t cut out essential links.


Keep your branding.

Make sure your mobile site is consistent with your main site. Use similar design elements and colors when possible.


Listen to feedback.

If your visitors offer feedback on your mobile site (or any part of your site for that matter), listen to them. If you receive complaints it may be time to rethink your mobile site. If your site is small and not getting a lot of comments, ask your friends to review your site and offer opinions.

  • Mr.Panos

    Nowadays, many people visit their favorite websites using their tablet or their cell phone. That’s why, every site needs to be Responsive or it needs to have a Mobile version which is as attractive as the desktop version is. Many graphic designers , who accept orders for custom themes , usually create responsive themes. These themes are often expensive, but believe me, it is better, isn’t it?

  • kingcool52

    Sometimes mobile sites are the most important as people are becoming more addicted to their tablets and cell phones. This is especially important when your site is hard to browse without a mobile site

  • Adam

    The key for mobile websites, especially apps is make them user friendly. I have seen my fair share of apps which run slow ..they immediately make me want to never look at that mobile site ever. You must also give the option of desktop mode, as some people do not like the condensed versions which mobile sites usually have.

  • Brad

    Mobile sites are the most important things now as most have already said. Mobile phone internet usage is at a all time high and website owners are earning so much revenue and are gaining more visits each day with users on their mobile device so choosing correctly is important. The design must be easy for the user to use and navigate around, if you plan to create one yourself.

  • Mike W.

    Thanks for the tips, they will help me a lot.

  • Bizarrio Network

    I think building a mobile version of website is extremely important nowadays.

    Many people are now visiting websites using mobile devices. Therefore, it is recommended to make websites mobile friendly.

  • milksheikh

    I also think having a mobile version of your website is important. Smartphones and mobile devices are literally taking over the tech earth right now. My web builder creates a mobile version for my website anyways which is awesome :).

  • Dusan

    Mobile phones are taking over computers soon. So its cool to know how to make mobile version of your website. I am trying to code application for my forum to use it on Android. I can tell its not so hard to code it.

  • Having a mobile-friendly site or a mobile theme is so important nowadays. I’m thankful that the theme I picked for my photoblog actually came with a mobile version so I didn’t have to fuss with it. Thankfully it’s not too bulky so it doesn’t take a lot to load on mobile phones and you aren’t bombarded with all the blog information squished onto the tiny screen of a cell phone. This is great advice and if I ever decide to try to build a mobile version for another site, I will be coming back here for advice!

  • promotionboss

    These are some nice tips, I must agree.

    I have used these tips and now my website/forum is Mobile Friendly! Thanks!

  • webbyman12

    I think keeping your branding is quite important.

    So others know about who you are,etc.

  • Origami Crane

    These are some great tips! I’m working on creating mobile versions for some of my sites, so this was a very helpful article to read. Testing on multiple mobile devices is definitely important.

  • billimaster

    I think if you have your sizes right, your website should be optimized for mobiles.

    But also you need to keep your branding!

  • WebDev Newbie

    I had never even thought about having a mobile version of my site! This makes me think of things in a whole new way! Thanks for the wonderful pointers!

  • masterofweb

    Keeping your branding is super important when creating/having a mobile version.