As soon as many marketers have learned how to do SEO, the game completely changes. Now, website designers need to focus on mobile SEO, because an increasing portion of the population uses smartphones and tablets to look up information. Enhance your volume of site traffic with these tips:

Use Responsive Web Design

Your website should be easily accessible no matter how big the screen it is being viewed on is. This can be done by altering the HTML code. Do not use a fixed width. Instead, use a responsible width that adjusts size based on the screen.

Enhance Site Speed

There are several ways you can make your website run faster on mobile devices. Compress images to make them smaller, and simplify the code you use. Finally, use as few features and plugins as you can.

Remove Pop-Ups

No one likes pop-ups. In their place, you should consider adding in-text hyperlinks to still get some ad revenue while making things simpler for site visitors.

When in doubt, look at your mobile website yourself to see what additional SEO marketing strategies you can implement to improve it. A few online marketing strategies can really make a difference, and more people will be inclined to look up your site on a mobile device.