Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an important factor in creating a successful blog. As much as you may want to just sit and write, a large part of your time needs to consist of “backlinking”, marketing and other SEO methods. If you’re interested in improving your blog’s Search Engine Optimization, you should definitely check out this simple and free guide.

Overview of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the art of manipulating your site’s data so that search engines, like Google, can easily search and organize your pages. In simpler terms, SEO is the practice of helping Google find your data, find other useful data, and figure out what your site’s pages are about.


Easy ways to improve your blog’s SEO

There are many complex systems that can help your blog, but we’ll start with the easy stuff first. Everything that is underlined should be used for every article you publish.

Post Tags are specific words that describe the article you are publishing. In WordPress, they can be added in the ‘Tags’ section in your post editor’s sidebar. These post tags make it even easier for search engines, and humans, to figure out what your post is about.

Having a Descriptive Category is a great way to improve your post’s SEO. Each category you have for your blog will create a new ‘folder’. For example, the category Washington would have a URL similar to: This

A Social Page can be created in a matter of minutes. I recommend Google+ but Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are great too! Make sure you post a link to all of your important blog posts, on your social page – Remember to not spam your followers! Due to social sites becoming more popular, search engines pay attention to what websites are being discussed on them.


Having a ‘backlink network’ for each blog post

When people hear backlink network, they think of thousands of websites all linking to one website. They may consider that cheating, or against the terms of service for various search engines. I’m not here to tell you to cheat your way to the top, or even break the rules. Feel free to check out my guide to morally correct and natural backlink networks.

Here’s how we can setup a backlink network for each post.

  1. Head to your favorite social websites and share the URL of your new blog post.
  2. Write an article on Yahoo’s Contributor Network revolving around your post’s topic, and link to your blog post.
  3. Write 1-2 articles on similar blogs, for free, and link to your article in each one.

Remember, articles don’t have to be entirely long. Those three steps can be done in under an hour (maybe two if you type slowly) and will immediately provide four links to your post.

Do-Follow vs. No-Follow – I have observed wonderful results by ignoring what my links are being tagged as. I have taken the stance, “all links are good links….If they are relative to the content & helpful to the reader” and it works out amazingly for my articles.

Expanding Your Backlink Network

When you’ve done all that make sure that you submit each one of those article’s URLs to several search engines so that they are indexed quickly. You can even go an extra mile and write an article that links to your Yahoo article, or something like that!



The last thing I always keep in mind for everyone of my articles is keywords. This does require some research, and unfortunately one of the most popular tools (Google Keyword Tool) has been made private. The main thing you must focus on is what terms people are searching for, and how you plan to appear in those results.

Keywords are words that are carefully placed in your article. Ideally, your article should include your keyword(s) 2-3 times, throughout the article and never too close together.

Feel free to use your keyword for linked text in your supporting articles.


Don’t overdo it!

The biggest mistake I see webmasters make is overdoing their SEO. If you use too much SEO, you’re not going to have much success. The best type of SEO is the type that appears natural to both the user and the search engines. If you customize your articles so that readers enjoy them, and do some backlinking on the side, you’ll succeed in the world of blogging.



  • Giorgios

    Really awesome article Will. I can vouch for the fact that not many forum and blog owners really mess with SEO, and it’s either they don’t have the capabilities, or they’re just not wanting to. However, as we can all see, the more traffic that you end up getting to your forum/blog, the more stats you’re gonna have, and if you’re a Google PR domain nut, your domain might move up in PR.

    However, you gotta make sure that you’re doing SEO work the right way and not the highway. It’s happened on several cases where people are doing good and they use black hat techniques. Not so fun when you’ve been caught, Google bans your domain, shuts down your Adsense account, and then you’re crying yourself to sleep the next 30 days.

    So get out there and SEO, the smart way. 😉

  • Rick_Ace

    Building a backlink network isn’t as easy as it may sound to an interim. Your explanation of do-follow is simplistic.

    And I’m glad you took out the time to tell webmasters not to “over do it”. Original content is more important.

  • kingcool52

    Nice article dude. To be honest I don’t care much about SEO but I guess it is pretty important for blogs as it helps get many more viewers

  • JoshSmith100

    Considering ive never run a successful blog this article has really gotten my interest. Im more of a forum guy but ive been trying to expand to running blogs as of late. Ill try improving my Blog’s SEO by using this article and ill let you know my results!

  • Brad

    SEO is the main factor to growing a site. SEO may be considered stupid to some website owners but to me, I believe its important as it does most certainly increase the amount of readers/visits you get.

  • Jerlene

    I like to do everything manually but if I’m pressed for time I usually just Google some plugins and they do the trick. Takes a little longer to see results but it works.

  • milksheikh

    I love these tips on how to improve the Blog’s SEO! I agree with using good keywords that are popular in that niche. Also backlinking so people come back to where the article is originally from.

  • I’ve been working on SEO a lot lately on my blog. These are great ways to improve that I hope to implement on my own site. I used to ignore SEO almost completely, but I’ve quickly learned the importance of it. I appreciate your helpful tips!

  • Origami Crane

    This is a great article. I’ve been working hard to get my blog articles to the top of google. I use these methods, and I can confirm that it works wonderfully! Thanks for compiling it into a guide!

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    These are some great ways to promote your blog and improve its traffic!


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    These are great ideas! I’m going to try all of them out and see if my blog starts getting traffic. Thanks for posting this helpful article!