I see people ask this question all to often on websites that I frequent, so I decided to put together a few tips and ideas on how to get more comments on your blog. Feel free to add your own in the comments section, if they are good I will add them to the list.

Generic articles don’t spark discussion!

This is one of the major reasons why articles do not get comments. The article is too generic, it is just plain dull and boring or has been covered by several hundred other blogs before you. There is nothing to discuss.

Be opinionated

Don’t be scared, try to push your opinion forward in your articles. The more outrageous your opinion is the better, people will want to argue with your opinion and this will spark a debate. If everything goes right your comments section will explode.


Try to write your articles 500-1000 words long. Anything too long will discourage people from reading the whole way though the article let alone make a comment. Anything too short won’t be worth discussing.

Nobody visits your blog

This speaks for itself, if nobody visits your blog then nobody will comment. Pretty sad but a very common reason.

  • Rick_Ace

    You don’t have to opinionated in you articles. Sometimes, providing a balanced view will allow users to engage in a meaningful debate.

    Generic articles can be a turn-down. Users really want unique content. I agree with you on that part. 🙂

  • Mr.Panos

    I agree completely with you. I don’t know what else to add, but I would like to mention something about the size of the article. It is important to add photos in order to make the article much more attractive. Also, opinions play a very important role that’s why you need to inform your readers about it. They want to get inspired and see your opinions.

  • kingcool52

    Totally agree with the post. The main reason for a lack of comments is when a site doesn’t get enough visitors that like to take their time with the blog

  • JoshSmith100

    Great post there Dean. Ive seen many people write extremely long articles and they think since they are putting so much effort into it its going to look great. Thats not always the case. Like you stated, a very long article will lose the interest of the reader! Make sure you dont start rambling too much while you write.

  • Adam

    Agreed on sparking discussions. I have seen a few blogs in my time lack enthusiasm by the author itself..posting every few weeks does not achieve anything, especially if you want to create a following!

  • Brad

    Most of the time it is just that the blog is dead. I see blogs which have excellently written articles but lack the readers and they never get any comments.

  • Jerlene

    It’s one of two things, you suck at promoting websites or you suck at writing articles.

  • I find that sometimes just starting the conversation in the comments is a good way to get comments. Get your other authors to comment and other readers tend to follow.

  • Bizarrio Network

    You are correct, if the topics are too dull and boring then people may not comment.

    The key is to have interesting and entertaining articles, so that people feel like commenting.

  • milksheikh

    I agree with the article size and generic articles, some articles are just too boring and not interesting enough to read. I also believe of having a eye-catching article name, so it can catch the reader’s attention.

  • Giorgios

    My personal favorite is when people basically write about things that the public can’t discuss. This normally comes up on personal blogs when they give excessive run downs about their day and life, and then they wonder why no one comments. If you throw out something that is maybe controversial and has a huge kick to discussing, then you’re gonna get some comments coming in. 😉

  • Quacker Jack

    Your list has nailed some of the biggest mistakes that I have seen bloggers make. You cannot expect someone to comment if they don’t read your content, and you cannot expect someone to read your content if they don’t find it interesting. You need to pick an interesting topic. The only other thing I would add is that you also need to proofread your articles. It sounds like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how many grammar and spelling mistakes you would find in some articles. If you keep that in mind as well as what you listed above, surely you can get a few comments on your post.

  • promotionboss

    Thanks for the tips, I will try to help myself get more comments.

    I get around 1-2 comments without paying or anything on each article.

  • webbyman12

    I like how you mentioned that no one visits your Blog.

    i find that hilarious but it happens, my blog gets “ok” traffic.

  • Origami Crane

    These are all good points. One thing I find that works for my blogs is a “call to action.” I ask the reader a question, usually what they would like to read about next in the series of posts, or what their opinion is on the topic, and encourage them to add a comment below.

  • billimaster

    I think giving your opinion, is super important.

    people want to know what you think, not what others think.

  • iceman


    These are probably some of the reasons why some of my articles don’t get any comments.

  • webmaster41

    These look like some reasonable reasons why.

    I think its because my blog doesn’t get much traffic, so that is why.

  • WebDev Newbie

    I don’t really ever get comments on my blog. I don’t get very much traffic either. Thanks for posting these ideas for getting more comments!

  • freelance42

    These are some really nice ways to attain good blog comments!

    I will try to use these when promoting my blog.

  • GamerOcean

    I totally agree, you need to post unique and interesting articles that spark discussion in order to get comments.

  • Wasi Rahman

    I have quite a few blogs now and I hardly get comments on those. This article has some really great tips, thanks.

  • sweetbro

    I think the first one and last one are the reasons why I don’t get as many comments.

    Hopefully I can get more comments in the future.

  • masterofweb

    The last one fits me the most 😛

  • disman

    My articles are a bit too generic. 😛