Unless you have deep pockets, finding staff to write for your blog is a tricky task.

From personal experience, if you don’t have money to throw at writers to contribute to your blog it’s unlikely that you will find many authors that will want to stick around for very long.

This is because you are targeting the wrong type of person. The mistake a lot of people make when hiring bloggers is looking for exactly that – bloggers. Bloggers, like myself will often want some form of compensation for writing at your blog because they consider themselves as masters of the trade. While this is true, and often these people are highly skilled with a colourful portfolio, it is not these people you want to have writing at your blog when you are just starting out.

The people you want are actually not necessarily bloggers at all – they are people enthusiastic about your chosen topic/niche. For example, if you wanted to set up a blog which was all about Microsoft, the best staff you can find are people who are Microsoft enthusiasts. You will often find these people on social media, forums and other blogs. They aren’t too tricky to find, just do some market research, search social networks such as Twitter and find your new team that way.

But wait, that’s not it! This does not mean go in for the kill straight away and ask if they want to write for you for free. Again, from personal experience – this does not always work. First you must develop a connection, a relationship with said person. The fact you both share a common interest is a great starting point as you already have something to talk about. Whether this be exchanging tweets with thoughts on the latest Microsoft product or just chatting via e-mail discussing the weather you’re having, it all adds up. This will give the potential author a feeling of respect towards you for taking some time to talk to other people rather than going for the ‘hard sell’ as such.

Once you have established a healthy relationship, it will then be much easier to pop the question and get a good response. From personal experience, this has worked very well for me. Not just for my blogs, but also for myself. It’s great to make new friends with common interests, and I have developed many through this process.

So get out there and find your next authors!

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    Thanks for the amazing tips, I will keep these in mind when looking for writers on my own Webmastering Blog!

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    I think finding staff on your blog is tons of work.

    You cannot find a lot of good writers nowadays.

    Yes, you can find forum posters, but not writers.

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    I think finding staff on your blog is quite hard.

    It is easy to find paid writers but free ones are hard ones to find!

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    These are great tips! I’ll keep these things in mind while I am searching for staff for something new I’m working on. It is always hard to find people to write for a blog for free. Thanks for sharing!

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    This is wonderful advice! I had never thought about getting staff for a blog. I might look for some staff members then to make my life easier. Thanks!

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    Totally great ways to find staff!
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    Great tips Jamie, as always. I will certainly start looking for staff just like you said.

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    Getting staffs for your blog can be a hard task for many. Personally I prefer to pay people to be staffs on my blog.

    People normally do not work for free.

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    Thanks for the amazing tips on getting staff.

    Getting staffs on forums are easy but on blogs its a bit more challenging.