Owning a website is never easy – you always need to be able to dedicate time, effort and money, and often for little reward.

A problem I have personally suffered with when owning a website/websites is trying to do too much and paying the price. I would often get (what I believed to be) great ideas, and I would go ahead and buy a domain, hosting and software for said project. This would ultimately end up in the failure of an idea which looked promising to begin with due to the lack of time and effort I was able to put into it because of my already large workload with my network.

Essentially, the key is to not bite off more than you can chew. You should be able to dedicate time to each of your websites each day, so if you already have a couple, it’s probably not wise to start opening more sites on a whim. But what happens if you have a great idea that you think can’t wait? Well, it can wait. The advice I’m giving is to wait until you have more time available to you, whether you get a change in schedule or sell/close one of your current projects, do not open the site while you already have a full workload and it will most likely end up in miserable failure.

If you really want your idea to succeed, make sure you write down all of those ideas and keep it waiting on the sideline until you can really invest time into it and bring it to its full potential.

  • freelance42


    I did this myself, I have opened like 2-3 websites in the last week, It has been a quite of ride and I am trying my best to handle all of the sites.

  • Origami Crane

    I’m just starting to get into running a few forum myself. One of the forums hasn’t launched yet, but by the time it has, my schedule will clear up a little, so I will be able to run them all. Thanks for the tips!

  • GamerOcean

    I’ve seen tons of people try to overdo it with the whole webmaster thing. In my opinion, you should own as many websites as you can while still making good progress one each.

  • Wasi Rahman

    There is no doubt having a website can be a really challenging task.

    A successful website needs lots of maintenance. As a webmaster, one must have proper plans and enough skills.

  • sweetbro

    Yes, A lot of people outdo there selves when owning a website.

    It does take a lot of dedication and hard work to see success.

  • masterofweb

    I think outdoing yourself is crazy.

    Even though I see a lot of my clients doing it.

  • bruhbruh

    I agree with not outdoing yourself, nice tip!

  • FlammyX3

    You shouldn’t outdo yourself with owning any website at all, you just sometimes need to stay calm and take care of the site in a calm manner and not doing too much but not doing too little.