There are over 100 promotion forums on the web. They vary in size and many claim to be unique in one way or another. However, when it comes down to comparison you will find that nearly all of these forums are very similar. They are not only similar in structure and layout but also commonly share a community with one another. More often than not you will recognise may usernames on each promotion forum your visit. This is obviously a problem and could mean that you spend hours advertising to the same users over and over again.

Does this mean you should limit yourself to only advertising at one or two promotion forums? It depends entirely on your goals and member base. If you are only looking to gain members then advertising on many promotion forums can be to your advantage. People like things that they know and recognise. If they see the name of your forum in several places over a period of time they are more likely to visit your site, purely thanks to the power of recognition. It is important to not advertise too much though as this could have the opposite affect and put people off if they feel you are trying to force your forum upon them.

Unfortunately, the services of promotion forums are becoming less and less helpful. The idea of posting packages was to help boost a community’s activity and help spur members into posting more. Now that many forum communities come solely from promotion forums these members know then when admin is using paid posters, creating the opposite effect. If you as an admin are paying someone to post on your forum then why should your members post for free? This is the attitude your members will show if they are aware of the paid poster and posting activity will instead decrease. Another issue which occurs in this situation is that the people you are paying to post are already members of the community and you end up paying them to make posts they would of probably made anyway. This completely defies the point of paying for posts, doesn’t boost activity and means you are not running a community for the sake of the community, but to get as many posts as possible.

Many people who visit promotion forums are only doing so in order to advertise their forums and are not looking to join other forums.  A large portion of these are also not interested in supporting fellow administrators at all. This means they will join other forums only to advertise their own forums or websites through signature links and avatars. This can considerably harm your forum as the content they post will often be of a very poor quality. It is worth taking into account the the member base of a promotion forums true agenda before giving them the opportunity to join your forum.

In this article I have not mentioned SEO or content issues concerning promotion forums. These areas are too large for this article, but will appear as separate articles in the near future.

  • milksheikh

    There are tons of Dangers, but with Dangers comes with good things.

    I myself operate/own a Promotion Forum, not all people enjoy Promotion Forums, but I have a great time with them.

  • promotionboss

    I think promotion forums will always be dangerous with a nice side.

    You can get free banklinks,maybe some activity,etc.

  • webbyman12

    There are some dangers to promotion forums.

    But there are also greatness to promotion forums, you get free backlinks!

  • billimaster

    There are alot of dangers to promotion forums, but it can be great in various ways also!

  • iceman

    Promotion forums can be dangerous!

    But in the end there, there to help.

  • webmaster41

    They can be dangerous in various ways, as some are for youngsters and some are just plain bad.

    To use promotion forums wisely, you must stay classy, and just promote.

  • adam23

    I think a promotion forum, is not the best idea, but if it is webmaster/promotion that is something that is really cool.

  • freelance42

    Various promotion forums have died.

    Not many survived, only one has, lets see if any others can attempt to.

  • Origami Crane

    I think that successful promotion forums need to be more diverse than just promotion, and care about member discussions as well as website promotion. I think that too many of them worry about copying the most successful one (practically) word for word. I think that a promotion forum can be successful if it offers other valuable content as well.

  • WebDev Newbie

    I don’t think promotion forums are all bad. They can be helpful if you find a good one that actually cares about the post quality of their posting packages, and cares about their members. Posting on promotion forums can get you backlinks as well, which are always useful.

  • sweetbro

    Various amounts of promotion forums can be dangerous but in the end they are somewhat helpful if used in the right way.

    Many promotion forums don’t last more than 3 months.

  • misqus

    Some can be “dangerous” and some are fine to me.