It’s that word “Promotion” it grabs you and sucks you in, it makes you believe that you are doing something that will really help your forum get noticed in that ever long list of pages on Google, that you want to climb to the very top of !

So how much do you an administrator benefit from being on a promotion site, in truth the answer is very little, shock, horror I can see it all over you face, so lets look into a promotion forum.

Lets say for arguments sake that you want a review of your forum, if you have picked a promotion forum like the most popular one “” that will cost you around 150fpcash, and how do you get FP cash, well by posting in the forum of course !

So lets say “Forumpromotion” pays you 2fpcash per post, thats 75 posts, before you can request a review, how long will it take you to submit 75 posts ? given that you don’t get paid for posting in all sections, only some, of course could try spamming the forum with one liners, or one word posts to get the count up quickly, but of course they have thought of that and have MODs to stop you doing it, and they will delete your one liners as fast as you can post, eventually putting you on post moderation, so the process becomes slower.

When you do get to request your review, you would expect it to be carried out by someone who has had a modicum of success, within  the forum world…. well actually no you don’t, the person doing your review is probably about 15 yrs old, and can’t spell success yet alone achieve it, in fact the only reason they are on FP as a reviewer is because they never have had  a successful forum.

You could of course forget the review, and order a posting package, again this will cost you more FP cash, so more posting is involved, there is of course no guarantee that the person completing the task has any knowledge of butterflies, or canoeing in the Alps, but that isn’t a problem to the  Admin, you just get pure drivel as posts, so yet again more time wasted.

Even if it only took you 3 hrs to submit those seventy five posts, and that’s going some, you would have spent it better, if you had just sat at your PC and done nothing at all for your site, however if you had spent those three hours adding content to your site, or creating backlinks on blogs in your niche, you would have done three hours of untold good to your project.

The only winners in the Promtion Forum are the owner, he makes money out of you, everytime you visit it adds to his traffic, it adds to his stats, he gets the deep link searches that Google like to see, and above all he gets the $$$$’s from the advertising company, don’t believe me, this is what one promotion forum owner bragged about making on his forums in just one month with Buy, Sell Ads

[02:45:33] N********: Ill pick thousands 😉
[02:45:37] B********: u dont get results in 1 day
[02:45:38] B*********: sigh
[02:45:56] N*********: Nevertheless, $5,000+/mo from BSA outweighs adsense

Visiting promotion forums only make sense if you use them for your benefit, and to be honest, there are no benefits, most of the links on them are no follow, most of them are spammy, have few visitors, and most of the traffic is bots.

All you do by posting  on them is give them content, you are much better employed, putting that effort into your own site.

  • If you look at the feedback received from forum owners, on their reviews from Forum Promotion, you will see that the vast majority of those reviews are extremely positive. The fact is, that forum owners actually benefit and learn from the reviews they receive.

    You suggest that there are promotion forum owners who make $5,000 + per month from BSA. BSA advertise pages are public, e.g. here is a link to the one for my forum By looking at those BSA advertise pages you can get a good understanding of how much revenue the forum is receiving per month. Can you back up the “$5,000 + per month” figure, with a link to a BSA advertise page that supports it? I somehow think not.

    “The only winners in the Promotion Forum are the owner” that’s not true at all. I’ve looked at the introductions threads on lots of forums, which had new members posting that they found the site on forums such as Forum Promotion. In addition, members can also learn a lot from discussing forum management, moderation and administration topics on promotion forums.

  • Just to add, promotion forums such as Forum Promotion have lots of active members who are forum admins. The community is a great place to learn from and share ideas with other forum admins.

    Personally I give those active members enough credit to assume that they are only participating on the community, if they are receiving some benefit from that participation.

    Does the author of this blog post, believe that those forum admins who are active on Forum Promotion, are not smart enough to know whether or not they are benefiting from the site?

  • I sort of agree promotion forums are good for discussing admin stuff but not really for advertising because most of the people that are there are doing the exact same thing as you trying to make there forum a success.

  • milksheikh

    Wow alot of things you had to say about promotion forums, I own a promotion forum to grow one and make it successful. I don’t want revenues really, I do agree sometimes promo forums can be un-useful but sometimes they can be quite useful and helpful.

  • webbyman12

    I do think that promotion forums are now overmade.

    There are almost one promotion forum created per week, it does get annoying but only the best stay up.

  • Origami Crane

    There are quite a number of promotion forums out there. Some of them are good, and some aren’t even worth looking at. I really only use them to list my site in their directory for the backlinks and the couple of visits I get a day from them. You have some very good points. I don’t bother on a promotion forum if it requires a large number of posts to be listed in the directory, because, like you said, my time would be better spent posting on my own forum.

  • billimaster

    You can make good money from promotion forums, but then again the good ones stay alive.

    Nowadays there are only 1-3 good promotion forums.

  • webmaster41

    Promotion forums have helped me gain some traffic and some activity.

    They have done a good job helping me, so I love them!

  • WebDev Newbie

    Promotion forums don’t seem all bad. I’ve used them to get traffic and some members. I think they are also useful for getting yourself backlinks. I don’t rely on them for reviews of my website though. I turn to other admin forums that offer them for free.

  • freelance42

    I believe that promotion forums can be good in some ways but then they are bad in other ways as well.

    I have seen a lot of them die out. :/

  • sweetbro

    promotion forums that have a fun community are pretty cool in my opinion.

  • masterofweb

    I own a promotion forum and disagree with you..

    I don’t really try making money on my forums, I made a promotion forum to help others but not for my own benefits.

  • misqus

    Some promotion forums are bad and some aren’t.

    There are many promotion forums being created almost everyday or week and most don’t even make it past 2-3 months.

  • None

    Considering this forum is STILL up, I think your entire article rather biased and 100% wrong.