Developing an effective website marketing strategy is an investment. You need to be willing to spend some money, but if you are on a tight budget, then utilize some of these tips to enhance site traffic without spending a lot of money.

Stick With Your Budget: Whatever your budget is, you do not want to go over it. There are plenty of free services available to help reduce costs.

Set Goals: Determine what goals you want to reach out of a new mobile marketing strategy. Adjust those goals as time goes on.

Know Your Customers: Understand who your customers are, and base your marketing materials around those demographics.

Use SEO: All articles and blogs you post on your website should be fully optimized to appear as high as possible in search engine results.

Brand Your Company: Every organization needs a brand. Everything from your domain name to the color scheme used on the site should work toward that brand.

Utilize Social Media: Sign up for Facebook and Twitter accounts, which are free, and post often.

Blog: You can create a ton of inbound links for your own site by posting frequent blogs.

Having a lower-than-average budget does not have to be detrimental. Many small businesses have amazing website marketing strategies where they barely spend any money.